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Hi, my name is Phyonnah and I am a kpopholic. (*hi phyonnah*) There hasn't been a day since late 2011 where I haven't heard, looked, watched or made something relevant to Korea and it's culture, music or people. To cure my need for this Tumblr is my answer :)


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Could we just finally get this MV to 1 Million views?!  Yes?! PLEASE?! 
Come on guys, the song is awesome, the MV is awesome and watching it is an awesome support for them…come onnnnnn, it’s not that much left until it reaches a million, it’s already at 977 239 viewssss ;__; 
Pleeeease, let’s do it for ZE:A !! ♥

Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys, come on, it’s 994 850 right now, we are so close to it and we just reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally need to support them and show Lee Hoo that we’re supporting them and staying with him and all 9 of them, pleeeeeaaaase, come on everyone it’s not that hard to reach that million. ;; ♥ #standbyzea ♥♥

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oh gosh Leo 

omo .. he look´s like he´s about to snezze 

how cute \*_*/ can you even get 

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when life is hard… hide under the nearest table

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Somehow they’re cuter when they move


Somehow they’re cuter when they move

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what happens when you forget your album tracklist in front of your songwriter/producer

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